I strive to empower you in pregnancy, so you can set yourself up for the birth you envision. I can help you tap into your inner strength, so by the time the big day arrives, you feel confident in the choices you’ve made. Together, we’ll talk about what you can control, how to navigate what you cannot, ways to alleviate fears and manage stress, and how to get on the same page as your care providers- building one kick a$% birth team,
which I would be honored to be a part of.

2 Prenatal Visits To delve into everything mentioned above
Complete Access to Me Call/Text/Email/Write me a letter
Labor Support Physical, Emotional, and Informational Support for you & your partner
Immediate Postpartum Support To help facilitate early bonding & breastfeeding
In-Home Postpartum Visit Not just an excuse to fawn over your precious little squishy- I still care about you, too. We will reflect on the birth, and I can offer additional support and resources.

– – – $1500

Add Private Childbirth Education to your doula package for an additional $400




Congratulations, you had a baby! The hard part is over!
Oh, wait…
I love supporting parents in this time of transition, and offer unbiased emotional and informational support to your family. My goal is to assist you in setting up your village so you feel secure and confident embarking in this new chapter. 

Parent Care Emotional Encouragement, Community Resources and Referrals, Help You Build Your Village and Find Balance with Self-care and Baby-care
Newborn Care Diapering, Swaddling, Soothing, Baby Wearing, Breast/Bottle Feeding Support
Home Care Meal Prep, Cooking, Light Household Chores like Dishes and Laundry Folding